Investor FAQs

This section provides answers to frequently-asked questions regarding PMI, dividends, withholding tax, the Annual Report, shareholder publications, corporate governance, earnings releases and webcasts.

Company Information

What is the management structure and leadership at PMI?


Where is PMI's stock listed?


Where is PMI's corporate headquarters located? Is PMI a U.S.-based entity? If so, where is it incorporated?


What companies does PMI consider as peers?


Dividend and Withholding Tax Information

Does PMI pay cash dividends?


What are PMI's 2017 Dividend Declaration, Record and Payment Dates?


What do "record date", "ex-dividend date" and "payable date" mean?


Does PMI have a share repurchase program?


Does PMI have a Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Program and, if so, how do I enroll?


Are dividends paid by PMI to non-U.S. shareholders subject to U.S. withholding tax?


What is an "80/20 company" and is PMI one?


As a non-U.S. shareholder of PMI, how does PMI qualifying as an "80/20" company affect me?


Will dividends declared by PMI always be eligible for a 98% exemption from U.S. withholding tax for non-U.S. shareholders?


How can I find out more about withholding tax on dividends for non-U.S. shareholders?


Annual Report, Shareholder Publications and Shareholder Information

How can I receive printed copies of the current news releases or other shareholder publications?


How can I contact PMI's transfer agent?


Corporate Governance Information

Who are the members of the PMI Board of Directors?


When will PMI hold its next Annual Meeting of Shareholders?


Earnings Releases and Webcasts

When is PMI's next earnings announcement?


When is PMI's next webcast?


Stock Watch

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